Maria McLain, REALTOR®

About Maria

Born and raised in the Bronx along with my two sisters, I spent my childhood in the epicenter of cultural diversity surrounded by a throng of spirited and energetic family members and friends. Eventually, I made my way to Manhattan to pursue a degree in accounting and finance. I joined the workforce and forged my path with various jobs in the accounting world, working my way up to Accounts Manager for prominent companies. I grew tired of the corporate world, and so when an opportunity to join a family friend’s real estate company fell into my lap, I took it, and I never looked back!

The city life was vibrant, and I had the opportunity to see a lot of growth in the late 80s when I joined real estate. From apartment rentals, luxury homes or investment properties, you name it, I was involved. The hustle and bustle of the city was something that seemingly pushed people to work harder to get what they wanted, which for me, meant getting creative with how I generated…

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